Lift Heavy. Live Lighter.

Pick up a barbell. 

Put down insecurity, stress, and fatigue.

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You deserve to live in a body that does what you ask. 

From carrying groceries to carrying a grandchild. From feeling capable and energized to looking good.  From maxing out your mowing to maxing out playtime. 

Functional fitness at Lionheart is about training your body to serve you to the best of its abilities.

group training

Expect to have fun, gain instruction that prevents injury, and reignite your spark for life.

group training

We’ll coach you through a plan to achieve your goals.

personal training

personal training


Nutrition Coaching

Build healthy, sustainable habits that overcome old barriers.

Nutrition Coaching

Build healthy exercise and nutrition habits from home.

online coaching

online coaching


the plan

How To Start Improving Your Life

Show Up. Have fun. Achieve Results.


Free Consultation

We’ll get to know you and show you how Lionheart can help you meet your goals.


Personal training

A professional coach assesses where you’re starting and sets you up for success.

healthy foods

Personalized Group class

Expert coaches personalize each workout to your ability in the group class. You’ll always be challenged and never bored.