We Do the Planning So You Don’t Have To

Show Up. Have fun. Achieve Results.

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Create the Body You Deserve

When you train with us, the days of falling short of your goals start to fade away. Our proven system will replace disappointment and frustration with confidence and strength, both inside and out. All you need to do is choose your program.

Small group Personal Training

Want to lose 15lbs., run a 10k, see your abs, or bench press your body weight? All are good goals, but each is different. We want to know what your top priorities are so we can craft a plan that’s specific and directed.

personal training

Sports Performance Training

Do you desire to become an unstoppable force on the field or court, leaving your competition in the dust? Our comprehensive sports performance training program is the method to get you there. By combining these four essential pillars, we’ll help you transform into a top-performing athlete.

Strength training + Conditioning + Recovery + Mindset

Sports performance training

Hybrid & online fitness coaching offers convenience, flexibility, personalization, and affordability. Access workouts anytime, anywhere with expert guidance, tailored plans, and a supportive community. Track progress, explore diverse workouts, and stay motivated for long-term success.

hybrid & online coaching

Hybrid & online coaching


Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching

Diets don’t work. Why? Because dieting requires sacrifices most of us aren’t willing to make long-term. The key to better nutrition is building sustainable, healthy habits you’re excited about continuing for life. Our habit-based nutrition coaching teaches you how.

Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching

the plan

Don’t overthink your fitness

Show Up. Have fun. Achieve Results.


Consultation & Assessment

We’ll get to know you and show you how Lionheart can help you meet your goals.


Personal training

A professional coach assesses where you’re starting and sets you up for success.

healthy foods

Hybrid Coaching

Expert coaches personalize each workout to your ability so that you’ll constantly be challenged and never bored. This can be a combo of in-person and online coaching.

Results Matter

We’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you move beyond traditional fitness methods by teaching them to build and implement a series of new, simple habits into their life to boost their energy, strength, and confidence.

My experience from the beginning was very welcoming and inviting. Cody went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable with coming into a new gym. I’ve never found another fitness program that constantly challenges your body and mind.

Michael Harris

The staff is very friendly, helpful and responsive to my questions. I fit in instantly. I have more energy,stronger and more confident. The instructors are very knowledgeable and push you to work hard. It is a family atmosphere and so don’t be afraid to give it a try. It’s great for all ages and physical fitness levels.



Improvements Are All It Takes to Reach Your Goals

Did you know that if you improve by only 1% per day, within one year you’ll end up 37% better than you are right now? But if you get 1% worse each day, by this time next year you’ll be down to zero. So, are you getting better or worse?