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Stop Putting Your Health Last

We believe that fitness is the vehicle to create meaningful, lifelong change, and know that you deserve to have all the tools and resources you need to feel empowered and healthy. It’s time to stop putting your health on the backburner.

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Meet our team of trainers that are recognized not only for their expertise and experience but also for the way they make people feel welcomed, understood, inspired, and empowered.

Our Story

How it was in my basement, with one client. After I had got myself sober after a 10-year addiction.

Cody Rhinehart



Thanks to my parents, I have been into sports and working out for as long as I can remember.

When my military career ended in 2004, I became an active MMA fighter. Unfortunately, my fighting career abruptly ended after multiple injuries and surgeries.

Longing to continue an active career following my passions, I made the decision to focus full time on training and coaching peak performance through fitness.
I’m blessed to do work I love, alongside my wife Hannah, and inspire people of different backgrounds, abilities and personalities to become their best selves through fitness.

Seeing clients bust through their plateaus and achieve goals they never thought they could reach is truly what gets me out of bed each morning.
To me, fitness is long term and a lifestyle change that can be fun and enjoyable.
My goal is to help you see the light and fun side to fitness. I can’t wait to meet you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Certified Personal Trainer- 2011

Certified Strength and Conditioning- 2011

TRX level 1 Qualified- 2012

Russian Kettlebell Certification Level 1-2015

Eat to Perform Nutritional Coach- 2015

CrossFit Level 1- 2015

Russian Kettlebell Certification Level 2- 2015

USAW- United State of America Weightlifting (Olympic Weightlifting) – 2016

Hannah Rhinehart



From the moment I first stepped into a gym at age 16, I was hooked on fitness.
Working out and being active quickly became my passion, and I channeled that passion into a collegiate career as a cross country runner.

These days, I work with my husband Cody at Lionheart ATF as a certified personal trainer and hold certifications from ISSA, as well as TRX.

When I’m not training clients, you can find me working as an assistant director at a Preschool, or hanging out outdoors with my husband and our friends.


Certified Personal Trainer 2015

TRX Level 1 Qualified 2015

Pre and Post Natal Trainer 2015

the plan

Don’t overthink your fitness

Show Up. Have fun. Achieve Results.


Consultation & Assessment

We’ll get to know you and show you how Lionheart can help you meet your goals.


Personal training

A professional coach assesses where you’re starting and sets you up for success.

healthy foods

Hybrid Coaching

Expert coaches personalize each workout to your ability so that you’ll constantly be challenged and never bored. This can be a combo of in-person and online coaching.

Results Matter

We’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you move beyond traditional fitness methods by teaching them to build and implement a series of new, simple habits into their life to boost their energy, strength, and confidence.

My experience from the beginning was very welcoming and inviting. Cody went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable with coming into a new gym. I’ve never found another fitness program that constantly challenges your body and mind.

Michael Harris

The staff is very friendly, helpful and responsive to my questions. I fit in instantly. I have more energy,stronger and more confident. The instructors are very knowledgeable and push you to work hard. It is a family atmosphere and so don’t be afraid to give it a try. It’s great for all ages and physical fitness levels.



Think big but go small

The difference between making progress or falling off again is taking small steps. You can’t climb a mountain by jumping to the top. You have to take steps to get you to the top of the mountain. Have a big, huge, gigantic goal but take small, little steps to get there.