Want vs Need

In today’s world there are so many different gadgets and tools that sometimes you can get overloaded with all this information and forget about the training itself. In the military we are trained at the basic level, how to do things. That way when the high tech stuff fails, and it will, then the job can still get done.

The same for fitness and especially in Crossfit. People will put on everything under the sun just to do a workout. Some of it maybe needed, but the vast majority is not. This list will go over the things you should be using.

One of the best things I was taught while doing sales…

K.I.S.S, keep it simple stupid.

This has always stayed with me. Just because you can use something, doesn’t mean that you have to use it.


Having a proper pair of shoes for the workout is ESSENTIAL. Different exercises require different types of shoes. If you are just squatting or Olympic lifts, then Olympic lifting shoes, or lifters are best.


If you are doing general fitness I always recommend something that has a flat sole. I really like the Reebok, Speed TR. It has a rigid heel, so it’s great for lifting, but the toe flexes enough for running. This feels more like a typical running shoe.


The other pair that is good is the Nike Metcon 2.  I don’t like running in these as much but if it’s short like 400 m or so, then they are fine. They fit like a traditional Nike free run but are made for lifting.


If all else fails, just pair of old school chucks. The converse is a great lifting shoe. As long as you aren’t running in the workout, then you’ll be fine.

Mobility Tool(s)

Mobility issues are the biggest reason why you get stuck. Because the hips aren’t open enough then you aren’t able to get as low in the squat or put as much weight on the bar. Address your mobility issues and you will see massive improvement.

My number one favorite mobility tool is the super nova. This thing is amazing when it comes to loosen me up. Primarily the lower body.

super nova

Also, the classic lacrosse ball is a must. This can be used in with just one or tape two together. The single is usually used more than the double. There are a ton of other tools out there, but I like to keep it simple. I’ll throw in a band and a PVC and that’s about it.

Lifting belt

When moving heavy weight,a big thing that keeps us from doing more is losing that mid line stabilization. Not only does it prevent from going heavier but can actually cause injury. Wearing a lifting belt can help keep your spine in line and keep you lifting.

I personally like the RDX  belts. There are many others out there, but I like this one.
RDX leather lifting belt

The leather one I use when I doing heavier lifts. It is much stronger and gives more support but it does take a little bit to get it on and off.
RDX cloth

The neoprene one I like to use when I’m doing Olympic lifts and in metcons, where I may need to take it on and off a few times during the session.

Honorable mentions

Particularly in our Crossfit community there is always so much gear that you can wear, sometimes it ridiculous. Now, I’m not saying don’t wear it, because to each their own, I’m just saying I don’t think it’s necessary.

These last couple things will be more of a personal preference.

  1. Wrist wraps- Some people have issues with the wrist because of all the wrist dominant things there are in Crossfit. I wear one on my right wrist because of a surgery I had and the bones push into the hand a bit. I love the inzer brand. They are super leigt and give a lot of support.
  2. Gloves- If your hands tear easily, then you may want to invest in a pair. I only use mine on particular movements or when my hands do rip, so that I can continue to train. You can combine the wrist wraps/ gloves and get some wodies. They are not gloves, but gymnastic grips with wrist wraps.jerkfit-wodies-fire2
  3. Knee sleeves- I’m not a big fan of these. I’ve read a few studies about how the don’t actually help with anything other than keeping the knees warming. Having said that, if mentally it helps you, then who cares what the science says. Sometimes that placebo can be strong enough.


All the things listed here are great to help you stay healthy and continue to train. Remember though, the equipment doesn’t make the athlete. Train hard, train safe.