Your motivation may be the thing that’s keeping you from being successful. I know that sounds super crazy, right? Because we always tell ourself, I just need more motivation to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and go to the gym. I wish I had the motivation to eat better. Motivation is not the problem. It is how we handle or use that motivation that becomes the issue. Without a proper understanding of how to go about reaching our goals, we will end up doing too many things at once and burn out before we know it.

Motivations Downfall

All of a sudden you go from not working out to try to work out five days a week. You go from eating out three to five times a week to meal prepping all your food. Now we started going to bed on time and cutting out the caffeine, and all of these things, and we try to do it perfectly, starting next Monday, right?

It is the perfect plan and it was so well put together that we did everything we set out to do. So if we accomplish everything, then what is the big deal? Simply put, we did too much and created the possibility of burn out a reality.

I mean, think of the last time that happened. How long did you actually make it when you tried to do everything at once? A couple of weeks, a couple of months and it all fell apart. How do we fix this? What is the key to setting goals and sticking to them for the rest of our lives?

Keep The Motivation – Change The Direction

In order to make the shift, we have to change our mindset about trying to do everything all at once to focus on one thing that we can do right now. Having big goals are still important. We aren’t cutting out our ambitions or desires with this method, rather we focus on taking smaller steps to get us closer. when you think big, but go small, that’s when you change everything.

We aren’t going to wait for the stars to align to get work done. Attack the one thing that we know we can and go from there. Less is more!

Get To Where You Want To Be

It is easy to go all in because we get so fired up about our new plan of action, but it rarely ends well. If you have struggled in the past to stay on track, we want to help. Lionheart APF is a Topeka, KS based gym that has helped countless members achieve the level of fitness and health they have sought after for so many years.

We would love to help you figure out your goals and set you on a path towards success. If you are interested or have any questions, click the link —-> for more information!