The worst thing you can do for your knees and for your life is not have the ability to squat. Think about how much you squat throughout your day. You get in and out of a chair, you get off the bed, on and off the toilet. All of these things require squatting. As we age, the ability to squat may be the most important aspect of our lives.

Strength Plays An Essential Role In Our Ability To Squat

When you lose the ability to be able to squat, you lose the ability to have a functioning life. This becomes one of the main reasons why people end up in some sort of assisted living. They can no longer stand back up in order to take care of themselves.

If we can focus on building strength in our legs we can better support ourselves as we age. Having adequate flexibility and mobility are needed as well, but the focus has to be strength. The more you focus on that, the more you have the ability to do the activities that you want to do.

Doing full range of motion squats have gotten a bad wrap within the last few years. The notion is that Squatting to full range will lead to injury. While there is more room for error within a full range of motion squat, going to full range will strengthen your whole system.G

Get A Coach That Can Help

You need a coach who knows what they’re doing, and can assess you properly. A good coach will look at your ankle, hip and knee mobility at the very beginning. Then the coach will address your currently level of fitness and strength to determine the best route moving forward.

If you find somebody like that who can help you, it’s not dangerous at all. I’ve had clients over 85, and he was still able to squat. I have a client that I work with right now that’s almost 70, and he squats and deadlifts on a regular basis. And he does so very, very safely.

Make getting an experienced coach a priority in your life if you want to stay injury free and functional for life. We want to make sure we stay ahead of limitations as best as possible, and we do that by strength training right now!
If we can function, then we can live my life limitation free. If we can’t function, we can no longer life on our own anymore. It’s that simple.

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