Eating clean is not what you think it is. I hear this phrase all the time. People end up getting frustrated because they “eat clean”, but do not lose any weight. Eating clean does not mean that you cut entire food groups out of your diet. Those who cut out more foods are the ones that always bounce back and gain more weight later on. It’s not a sustainable lifestyle.

Now, if there’s a food that you’re allergic to, then yes, that’s a different story, and you should cut that out. But generally that’s not the case. Usually, what people are saying when they eat clean is that they’re eating less processed food. They’re eating everything on the ground, which you should be doing, but here’s the problem.

Eat What You Love Without “Eating Clean”

People get so focused on only eating clean that they put themselves in a box and then it becomes all about the foods “I cannot eat.” Eating better foods should not feel like a chore and constantly telling yourself “no.” Getting into the mindset of saying to yourself ‘I can never have pizza night with a family,’ ‘I can never have that beer’ lead us to a place we don’t want to be in.

You can eat whatever foods you enjoy, it will just take more planning and self-control. However, eating clean should consist of the majority of our diet. We need to focus on whole foods, fruits, veggies and organic meats if possible. The majority of what you’re eating should not come out of the bag should not come out of a box.

Our foods will best serve us if they come out of the ground. Eating these types of food will lead to better quality of life by giving our bodies the nutrients it actually needs.

After we can begin to change our food quality and reduce processed foods you have to look at your goals. Ask yourself how do I need to eat and train to reach my goals? You create the habit on how you’re supposed to be eating, training the right way and working towards your goal. With practice, you should be running on autopilot.

Build the Habit First

When you’ve done this, you know you’ve created a habit. The only way that happens is if you build consistency. And the only way you can build consistency is stop putting limitations on yourself about your food choices. No more saying I can’t eat after eight o’clock or I can’t eat carbs, or I can’t eat this or that.

We need to focus on good whole foods and consistently doing it. After making better food choices we can talk about the little changes that you need to make down the road. If you’re eating fast food seven days a week, and now you are trying to meal prep seven days a week, I can promise you, you’re not going to stick with it. You tried to change too many things too fast! Start slow and build the habit first.

Work With a Coach Today

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