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A big misconception that we hear is that carbs are bad. Over the last few years carbs have been made the enemy when it comes to diet and nutrition advice. Everyone thinks if you eat carbs that you’re gonna gain weight and be unhealthy.

It is so ingrained in most people that it takes a lot of proof to show them otherwise. While diets like Keto or the Atkins diet have shown to cause weight loss by cutting out carbs, it’s not the whole story. Once carbs are reintroduced to the diet, all the weight that was initially lost comes right back.

The key is to build a sustainable process for eating, not one that has a whole bunch of rules. The challenge that people have when they have the belief that carbs are bad is that it gives food too much power.

Carbs in most respects have become a forbidden fruit. Eating carbs causes people to feel like they did something wrong whenever they eat it. The truth is not that carbs are bad, it’s that too many calories are bad.

Calories > Carbs

Most important is to control your total intake of food, not cutting out specific nutrients. You can completely cut out carbs and still gain weight simply because you are in a calorie surplus. The issue is not the food you eat, but the amount you eat.

Once you understand that carbs are not the issue and you can begin to make real change in your life. The recommended calorie amount per day is around 2,000. The amount of food will vary from person to person depending on age, gender and activity levels.

Eat Carbs Today

Once you find the right balance of food, you will be able to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle you have been searching for. If you need help getting started we’d love to help. Don’t waste another day wondering when things will get better.

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