Hey, Cody Rhinehart here of Lionheart APF and today I want to go over how to create the perfect meal.

So very quickly in this video I’m gonna go over how to create that meal and then we have a free link where you can check out an info graphic that was put together by Precision Nutrition that will show you exactly how to create that perfect meal, okay?



So step one is making sure that we have a proper balance between the different type of foods, so making sure that we’re getting in protein, we’re getting in carbs, we’re getting in fats, and making sure that we’re also getting in some vegetables, okay?


Number two is making sure each one of those we have in the proper amount of portions so that we’re not eating too much or too little of each one of the type of foods that we’re eating. We don’t overeat, or under eat, for that matter.


So step one is understanding that protein, the serving size for that is about as big around as your palm, the thickness of your palm there, okay?


The second one is gonna be your vegetables. Vegetables is gonna be a fist. That’s a good size.



Carbs is gonna be about an open hand, just like this, and then your fats are gonna be the thumb. Now, I know you may be thinking,

well, my hand is different size than yours,

and that is totally fine.

That’s exactly how it should be. You are eating for your body’s needs and so your sizes will be a little bit different than my sizes.


Now, once you have all these different foods put together in your meal for the day, it’s a matter of how many meals do you need throughout the day and generally it’s gonna be somewhere between four to six depending on your body size, your goals, your activity level, all that different kind of stuff.

But at least that will get you started in the right direction making sure that you’re eating proper portions with the proper balance of food and it will go a very, very long way to helping you be a lot healthier and to actually help you sustain that and not getting burnt out on doing too much all at one time.


acknowledgement: Precision Nutrition


Cody Rhinehart

Cody Rhinehart


Cody has been a coach since 2009 and has made it his lifes’ work, to help change peoples lives. He holds several certifications, ranging from Kettlebells and Crossfit, to Precision Nutrition and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.

His passion for this comes from his own life, after he was able to turn his life around drastically. One that was headed in the bad direction for 10 years.

He now applies the same habits and skills he learned there, into building long lasting health and fitness.