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I know there will be a decent amount of people that read the title and thought,

” This guy is crazy!”

Well… I’m not really that far off. Think about it for a second. Look at the people around you that workout and then look to see if they really focus on their nutrition like they do their training. In most cases they don’t.

This isn’t to say that just because they don’t focus on nutrition doesn’t mean they don’t care. Maybe they are just uninformed about the importance of it. Fitness and nutrition….



LOL. I couldn’t help throwing in that quote from the movie “Big Daddy”. Seriously though, fitness and nutrition have to be in sync with each in order to get healthy, long lasting results. Over the many years of training people I have figured out a few things about getting people to follow through with different tasks.

One of them is that, it’s easier to get someone to do the harder more complex stuff, then it is getting someone to do the simpler stuff. It’s almost like the most don’t want the simple pill. They want to do one thing without the other.

I can get someone to show up early for a class or session to work on a drill. I can get them to add more weight onto the bar or up the weight on the kettlebell. I can get them to push so hard that their whole body is on fire, but ask them to meal prep, log their food or drink water, and it’s like I’m asking for nuclear weapon codes.

Where do I start?

Picking just one thing and making that your focus for a month is the best way to start tackling the nutrition “problem”. Once you match your nutrition with your training, the doors of what’s possible blow wide open and you will reach your goals.

Start with a goal that if you were to look at on a scale of 1-10, 10 being ABSOLUTELY, NO PROBLEM, and 1 being I don’t think I can do it. It should be a 9 or 10, focus on that for a month, then move onto the next thing. If you can’t change the habit, you will never be able to maintain what you have worked for.


“Slow and steady always wins the race because we never lose unless we quit”

-Cody Rhinehart