My name is Tiffany, I’ve been a member since July of 2016, and Lionheart has already accepted me as part of their family in less than a year.

The coaches are supportive and knowledgeable, they’re always helping me work towards my goals.

The members are very friendly and even miss you when you’re gone.

“The Lionheart Gym has just been that answer to making my workout routine consistent. It’s just a place that you wanna come and a place that helps you succeed.”

Something that I was most nervous about when I walked into the gym was just meeting all of the new people and probably the word crossfit.

It was very intimidating to me to be able to walk in here. But after I came, I figured out that anything can be modified and they really work with you on your level.

So even though it says crossfit, you can really do anything that they’re doing in class.

The biggest accomplishment since coming to Lionheart has probably been to make time for myself and to put me kind of first and my family, as far as making myself happy and I’m doing what I need to to get myself right for my family.

The goal in my workout is to lose weight so I’m looking forward to having the body that I see in my head.