If you have ever bought into doing juice cleanses, you got your money stolen! I know that it’s a big hype and I know that people think, well, if I’ve been eating a bunch of junk that I need to go and to cleanse out my body and get these toxins out.

Juice Cleanses Are Just Expensive Laxatives

But the reality is when you’re looking at a juice cleanse and what it’s supposed to do, the body is able to do all of that stuff by itself. You don’t need to have some fancy expensive product. Basically you are buying an expensive laxative that’s going to make you poop.

If you’re focused on eating whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables that are going to have a lot of fiber, any amount of junk food that you’ve been eating over, however long amount of time is going to help the body do that naturally.

You don’t need to take some expensive laxative to do that. Now, yes, there is a time for like pre and probiotics, but you don’t need a juice cleanse. I know a lot of people jump start their health by doing a juice cleanse first. This is an unnecessary step. Instead, focus on goals or habits that will help you in the long run!

Spend Your Money On Real Food

That is a waste of your money. Take that same money that you would’ve spent on this ridiculous juice cleanse and put it towards getting fruits, vegetables and whole foods. And I promise you, you’re going to be way better off because the body is better than any supplement you’re ever going to take.

Focus on eating whole foods first. Eating whole foods will naturally cleanse your system and give you the results you are looking for. Not only is this a cheaper and better option for you, but you’re actually instilling better habits in your life.

Lionheart Can Help

Instead of buying supplements to fix your nutrition problems you can resort to eating better quality food. If you have no clue what foods to buy or how much to eat, talk to a coach. Lionheart APF offers online remote nutritional coaching to help you reach your nutrition goals.

We take you step by step through the process on how to make lasting changes in your life. Our focus is not on quick fixes, but on forming solid lifestyle habits. If you need help, click the link —-> https://lionheartapf.com/join/ to talk to a coach today!