Food Allergies and Intolerances: The Difference

Today we’re gonna talk about how to know if the foods that you eat are the right foods for you. The two differences that we are going to talk about are food allergies and food intolerances.

So there is a difference between the allergies and the intolerances. The allergies are actually an immune system response to what it is that you’re eating. What’s actually happening is there’s an invading protein that’s coming into the body causing the immune system to try to fight this off.

Whereas intolerance takes place in the digestive tract. The digestive tract gets irritated and it’s not able to break down whatever is coming into the body. So those are the two little differences that we need to understand before we move on.

Here is a list of a few of the most common allergies and intolerant foods for people in the U.S. today:

Click the image above to learn even more about food allergies and take a deeper look into some of the issues food can cause.

Negative Symptoms of Food Allergies/Intolerance

If you’re having an allergic reaction to food you will know pretty quick. The allergic reaction will cause a rash and swelling most of the time. While the allergic reaction does happen, what is more common is the intolerance to food.

It may seem like the intolerance to food isn’t that big of a deal, but here are a couple of symptoms: bloating, congestion, achy muscles and joints, and fluid retention.

This all happens because the body does not like the food that you’ve eaten. So how does all this relate to the fitness and health?

Eat the Right Food = Live The Best Way

Let’s say you’re eating 2000 calories, right? But some of the foods that you’re eating, you’re not breaking down so your calorie intake is actually lower than what you thought. Not only are you now under eating, but you are eating foods that do more harm to your body than good.

This is going to impact your performance in the gym and how you are feeling at home or work. You’ll feel sluggish, achy and bloated all the time, causing you to have little motivation to be active or perform well.

Being under your needed calorie intake isn’t a huge issue if its only a couple calories, but if you are way under day after day you will experience fatigue and probably even weight gain due to higher cortisol levels and your body choosing to go into ‘starvation’ mode.

If you are an athlete or some one who takes fitness seriously, making sure you eat the right food will take your performance to a new level. You’ll go from giving your body food that it doesn’t always like, to food that fuels you for success.

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