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Habit based Nutritional coaching

learn the habits you need, to maintain your health for life

Habit Based Nutrition Coaching

Quick results never last because you are just following a plan. Here we teach you principles of nutrition and habits to be able to maintain them for the rest of your life. 

Regain that spark in your life

Life can fly on by and it’s easy to lose that fire. When you feel better about yourself, that is infectious and spreads to every other part of your life. Gain the confidence to wear that dress of bathing suit you have always wanted to put on. 

Proven system

This system has been proven, time and time again. It stands the test of time, because it is fundamental stuff. It’s not the new “hot” trend. By sticking to the basics, and focusing on one thing at a time, your are learning habits that will stick with you for life.

Learn How To Take Control Over Your Life For Good

Finding Balance Can Be Hard, But You Are Not Alone. We Are Here To Help.

The biggest issue with finding balance is the “SHINNY OBJECT SYNDROMEThe newest craze comes out and people flock to it. Fundamentals are the cornerstone of longevity. You don’t have to be unhappy and confused about how to maintain your results. We will show you how.  

How I can Help

Too many times, we get really excited to make changes. Then we make a ton of changes at once, and become overwhelmed. This is where you fall off. This is when we don’t stick to it anymore. Here we use habits and principles. These allow you to focus on one thing at time, so that you adsorb AND apply what you have learned. 

The Approach

Everything you learn is broken into a 2 week habit. There is only one thing to focus on at a time. 

The Process

By digging into the real cause of your food relationship, we can create a new relationship. One that is healthy and long lasting. 

The Support

Through out the entire process, you will have lots of contact with the coaches as well as others on the same journey as you. There is comfortable in numbers.

The Expectations

Be kind to yourself and others. Follow the program, and realize you are changing your life for good. Not just for 6 months. It took you years to get to where you are. It’s going to be fixed over night.

About Cody

Professional Health and Fitness Coach

Cody has been a coach since 2009 and has made it his lifes’ work, to help change peoples lives. He holds several certifications, ranging from Kettlebells and Crossfit, to Precision Nutrition and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.

His passion for this comes from his own life, after he was able to turn his life around drastically. One that was headed in the bad direction for 10 years. 

He now applies the same habits and skills he learned there, into building long lasting health and fitness. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

i've tried everything, how is this different?

The biggest difference here, is that this is not a gimmick. This is not a “Lose 10 lb in 10 days” thing. This is habit change. We are going to teach you how to change your relationship with food, and in doing so, you will change your life.

how am i receiving this information?

We have a platform that will deliver information daily. Sometimes it’s a video, others it’s a blog of some sort. Each day you will have a to check in, that will let us know. You have done the task for the day.

What accountabiliy or support do i have?

You not only have the support of the coaches, you also have a support group. We are very very active on the support group, as well as texting, and facebook live videos, and the daily checkins. 

How much time is it going to take on a daily basis?

Each day will be a little different, but it should only take 5-10 min per day.

I already know all this stuff, i just need help with how to implement it, is this for me?

Absolutely, having done this for years and years, the one thing that is overlooked is the basics. That is where you have to start in order to understand the entire process. We must do the basics, and do the well. The other stuff is only the icing on the cake. 

who is this program not for?

This program is only for people that are willing to put in the work to change your lifestyle. I’m not saying you have to give up everything else. What I’m saying is, it’s for people that don’t want the quick fix. This process of changing habits is super powerful, but it takes time for you to relearn how to approach nutrition. 

Get Coaching!

We only open up the program every 3 months, and we only have a limited number of spots open. We want to focus on quality of the program and giving the proper amount of attention into each person. Get signed up now!

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