For most people the gold standard for an effective workout is usually 60 minutes. But what happens when you can’t squeeze in a full one hour workout for the day? Answer: a lot of inconsistency in the gym from week to week. In this article I’m going to show you two easy ways to make an effective workout in 30 minutes or less.

For most adults today stuff come up all the time from the kids having a school project that they waited last minute to tell you about, the newborn won’t fall asleep, the car broke down, etc, etc…

Now you can’t get to the gym or you definitely can’t workout for a full hour. So you tell yourself, ‘welp can’t workout today, not enough time.’

The bigger issue to missing a day is actually what it does the following days. Tomorrow you will make an excuse or something will come up and you’ll repeat the same process all over again.

That’s why it becomes crucial to create effective workouts that you can do in less than 60 minutes. This will help you break through plateaus and stay on the path of consistency moving forward.

Make the Most of Your Time

We want to shift our mindset from ‘I only have 30 minutes, I can’t workout today,’ to ‘I have 30 minutes to get a great workout in.’

Now I want to show you a couple of ways on how you can do that at home or in a commercial gym to make sure that you can stay consistent moving forward.

Implement Complexes

Number one: start doing complexes. A complex means that we’re going to do multiple movements in a row before we stop. Let’s say that we’re gonna do a kettlebell swing into a kettlebell clean, into a kettlebell press.

So maybe you do five swings, five cleans, five presses. That would be all on the right side, then you’d switch, you do the same thing on the other side. That’s a complex. A complex allows you to do more work without having as much rest time between.

A complex will get the heart rate up and get a crazy calorie burn when you’re doing them. You can do complexes with just about any movement and any equipment. Dumbbells, barbells, and sandbags all work great in building stamina and strength in a short amount of time.

Circuit Training for an effective 30 minute workout

Number two: start doing more circuits. A circuit is usually a handful of different exercises back to back with minimal or no rest in between. It’s important to pay attention to the exercises you are choosing when doing a circuit however.
To create a circuit, we want to make sure that the first movement we’re picking is the most complex movement or will need the most energy to perform it.

If we put that movement last it could potentially lead to injury because we will be the most tired at the end. So make sure to start with the heaviest or most complex movement at the beginning of the circuit.

As an example we will do a deadlift for five reps. As soon as you’re done with the deadlift, the next one we’re going to do is a straight bar dip for 8 reps. The last movement we will go with is jump rope, and we will do 50 reps.

With each one of these you’re only going to rest 15-30 seconds between each one. Once you finish the jump rope, now you can rest 60-90 seconds and repeat the workout 4-5 more times or however many you have time for.

Why a Circuit Creates Such an Effective Workout

By doing this, you’re getting the best of both worlds. You’re getting the strength aspect with the deadlift. Your entire body is working, and your HR is staying elevated the whole time. Now you are getting stronger and burning calories at a faster rate than what you would if you just deadlifted, and then just did dips, and so forth.

Most importantly, now you are creating a way to stay consistent with working out. That’s the magic pill. That’s the thing that everyone gets messed up on.

You don’t always need 60 minutes for a great workout. In only 15-30 minutes you can have a super intense workout that will have you feeling accomplished and satisfied for the day.

Hire a Coach to Help Reach Your Goals

A lot of people struggle with how to implement these type of workouts or struggle with staying consistent on a daily or weekly basis. That’s why it’s important to to look into getting a coach that can understand and help you.

A coach can look at your life and your schedule and say, “This is exactly what you are going to do this day, this day, and this day.” So it takes the guesswork out of it.

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