If you are like 92% of people in the world, you have set goals for yourself and failed. Believe it or not this is a pretty easy fix, when you use the tips I’m about to lay out for you.


Let me start by saying this. If you continue to do the same thing, and you keep getting the same results, Why do you keep doing the same thing? 


That is called insanity, please stop!

1) Set realistic goals 

This is the cornerstone to be successful. If you goals are so from reality, then you are setting yourself up to fail.

Now, while I say this I just want to clarify, I’m not saying you shouldn’t dream big.

You have to dream big and push the limits

However, if you goal is to get a PhD in a year, and you don’t even have a bachelors. That is obviously crazy, and is not going to work.

Doing this is only going to set you back even further because you will be frustrated or upset that you didn’t hit this goal. In reality, it couldn’t have been set in the first place. 

Setting a realistic goal doesn’t just mean the goal itself, but as well the time frame to accomplish the goal. 

I recommend researching this goal of yours and trying to find at least a ball park of the amount of time needed to accomplish it.

Reach out to professionals that can help you better pinpoint an exact amount of time. 


2) Break it down into micro goals

A micro goal is just the bigger goal, broken into smaller, more manageable pieces. This allows us to put more focus into one thing at a time. 

After you know what the goal is, it’s time to get to work and properly planning out how it’s going to be put into action. 

Let’s say that Sally has a goal of losing 30 pounds. 

Sally remembers that when she lost 20 pounds before, it took her 8 weeks, but 4 months after had already gained the weight back. 2 months after that, she had gained even more weight than before she had started. 

She was frustrated and tired of having the same things happen year after year. 

She decided she didn’t want the quick fix anymore. She was ready to really lose the weight, and change her life for good. 

The best way to make things stick, is to change the habits that our causing the issue. 

 You can’t do everything at once. 

So break all the things you need to do into small sections. Generally 2-3 weeks for each habit is enough to get the ball rolling. 

You aren’t going to master the goal/habit in that time frame, but it will get you working towards fixing the bad habits itself. 


3) Mini rewards 

It’s difficult to be on a long journey and not have some sort of gratification that you are doing the right thing. 

I’m not saying to have a blow out every time you hit a goal. What I mean is, being able to recognize the work that already been done and accepting what it took to get there, is important. 

The reward at the end of a semester at school, is that you passed the class and you can move onto the next class. 

The reward for sticking to a nutrition plan and fitness program, is going shopping and being able to fit into the clothes that you’ve always wanted to wear. 

Celebrate your successes for what they are, but don’t forget about the work left to do. 


4) Be kind to yourself


 I hate when people say “Failure is not an option.”

Yes it is! It is very much an option.

Why do you think so many people settle in life? Look, if you are going to work towards something, at some point you are going to “fail.”

You aren’t going to reach that milestone in time. You are going to get too aggressive with a goal and over shoot it.  SO WHAT!?!

Re-calibrate and move on. 

You have to be kind enough to yourself, and recognize that this is going to happen. 

Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t derail yourself. Don’t say, “Ah screw it!” and give up.

Re-calibrate and move on. 

If everything would be easy, then everyone would be doing it.



  1. Set goals that will challenge you and get you closer to where you want to be. Make sure this goals are realistic.
  2. Don’t jump in head first and go in with the all or nothing approach. Break your goal into 2-3 week segment. Starting with the low hanging fruit, or the easier things to accomplish. 
  3. Give yourself acknowledgements and small rewards along the way. This will further your resolve to continue forward.
  4. Don’t freak out when thing don’t fit perfectly. Re-calibrate and move on. 


Cody Rhinehart

Cody Rhinehart


Cody has been a coach since 2009 and has made it his lifes’ work, to help change peoples lives. He holds several certifications, ranging from Kettlebells and Crossfit, to Precision Nutrition and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.

His passion for this comes from his own life, after he was able to turn his life around drastically. One that was headed in the bad direction for 10 years.

He now applies the same habits and skills he learned there, into building long lasting health and fitness.